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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an efficient, user-friendly and economically sustainable tool for farmers, advisors, program managers, policy makers and others to fully evaluate pesticide options for impacts on health, environment and economics, and to improve the quality and quantity of IPM by facilitating implementation of practices that prevent and minimize pest pressure, and mitigate the impact of pesticide applications.

By “quantity” of IPM, we mean increasing the numbers of growers and pest managers practicing IPM, as well as the land area managed under IPM. Increasing the “quality” of IPM means progressing along the IPM continuum toward prevention-based systems.

In fulfilling our mission, we will assist NRCS in achieving its resource protection goals on an ongoing basis. In sustaining our tool financially, we will strive to provide broad access at no charge to all users for basic functions. We will consider ability to pay including providing no or low-cost access for users developing countries.

Guide to Interpreting Risk Index Scores

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Data from the University of Hertfordshire’s Pesticide Properties DataBase (PPDB) has been used, under Licence, to support this application.